Having your individual income tax returns prepared by Yoder Financial Services is as simple as 1-2-3:

Payroll services include payroll processing, direct deposit for employees, and electronic filing of all payroll tax returns.  Custom payroll reports by department and electronic filing of Forms 1099 are available upon request.

Yoder Financial offers a variety of bookkeeping solutions ranging from occasional data entry to full-scale paperwork processing.  These services are largely tailored to the needs of individual clients, although basic services include data entry, reporting, and paper file digitizing/archiving.

QuickBooks is one of the easiest accounting software programs for the small business owner to use. However, like any other software, it can only provide accurate reports if you put accurate information into it. The initial setup of QuickBooks often requires technical accounting knowledge in order to ensure it will process your data properly. Our years of experience working with QuickBooks will save you from investing hours of your time entering data that will later need to be reentered differently when you discover something wasn’t set up properly.
While off-the-shelf accounting software provides basic reports summarizing the data you have entered, it often takes custom reports to pull needed intelligence from these standard reports. Yoder Financial Services will discuss your information needs with you and program the necessary custom reports to fit those needs. These reports can then be updated in-house or on an ongoing basis by Yoder Financial.
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